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he vineyard of Chateau La Prise covers 33 hectares on a clay-sandy soil, in the commune of Donnezac (33860), in the north Gironde located about fifteen kilometers from Blaye, our chief town.

The Chateau La Prise, family estate, created by Mr and Mrs CHASSIN James in 1982, was taken over by the 2 children, Franck and Frédéric in the form of a GAEC member who remains family and agricultural.

In the BORDEAUX appellation, this vineyard benefits most from the influence of the estuary of the Gironde and the Atlantic Ocean.

This clay-sandy soil is planted mainly in Merlot for the reds without forgetting our Cabernet Sauvignon for our assembly. For our whites, mainly Sauvignon and a plot of Colombard.

The average age of the vines is about 20 years.

From the cultivation of vines to the raising of wine, we work with respect for tradition and the environment without rejecting modernism. Our objective is to optimize the quality of our grapes in order to harvest a very healthy harvest at maturity.

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The Château La Prise is managed by the CHASSIN family

  • Frédéric CHASSIN
    Frédéric CHASSIN
  • Franck CHASSIN
    Franck CHASSIN

Traditional Know-How


An important period

Soil grubbing, leaf removal, disbudding and harvest picked at cool temperatures allow the grapes to ripen under optimal conditions. The grapes are thus “à la carte”, always the Merlots first and then the Cabernets later. This period demands a lot of attention and precision because we must make sure to optimize the quality of our harvest by grouping together by grape variety the different grades of quality (terroirs and ages of the vines).


Method and Process

Vinification takes place according to the traditional Bordeaux method in stainless steel vats and in barrels for certain vintages. Soon French oak casks will increase our quality for more sustained cuvées.

The work of the tanks (pumping, sinking, shedding …) and the duration of maceration are determined according to the characteristics of each vintage and especially the type of wine sought.

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